Hamilton County Humane Society offers benefit packages for adopters


By Nancy Edwards

Would you like to adopt a dog or cat for the holidays? Does your budget disagree?

The Humane Society of Hamilton County is offering a generous present for those who adopt a cat or dog through the month of December. The seventh annual featured 50 event includes the 25 dogs and 25 cats that have waited the longest in the facility for a home. No, they are not in the facility because of aggressive behavior problems. Many of them have had owners whose new roommates didn’t like pets. Others were simply the victims of neglect.

“I started the program to bring focus to those particular animals that tend to be passed by because of their breed, age, or simply because it’s a black or orange cat that no one has noticed,” said Rebecca Stevens, executive director of the Humane Society for Hamilton County. “By finding sponsors to provide incentive packages that come with their adoptions, we’re hoping adopters will stop and take notice of those who have waited the longest.”

Each animal from the featured 50 come with benefits from Noah’s Animal Hospital in Geist. The animal hospital offers a free annual exam and booster vaccines including rabies, distemper combo and parvo at the one-year due date for their annual vaccines. Also, a free dental cleaning can be redeemed within 18 months of adoption. In addition, each dog comes with either a training package from Paws & Play in Noblesville or from Ultimate Canine in Indianapolis.

Not sure what kind of pet is right for your household? There is a perfect match for everyone. Jadon is an older Boxer mix who loves napping and giving kisses. LuLu is a gentle front declawed cat. Raven is a young, friendly and social American Pit Bull mix, while Lola is a sweet, spayed black beauty who has been declawed on all paws.

For profiles and pictures of all featured 50, go to: http://www.hamiltonhumane.com/events/homeward_bound2012.htm.


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