A new Knight

Dan Domsic

Dan is the managing editor of Current in Fishers. You can reach him at dan@youarecurrent.com.

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  • jackmccauley

    Dorothy McCauley and family congratulate Leo Seghetti, a great American. Dorothy is the sister of the late Laura Seghetti, wife of Leo’s late brother Nello “Nick.” Dorothy and family are proud of Leo, and wish Leo and his family a great 2013!

  • courtney seghetti

    What a great article. We salute you Uncle Leo for your brave service and very honorable award.
    -courtney srghetti

  • Donna Whitmer

    What a wonderful honor Leo!!!! We’re so proud of your brave service to us and our country….You rock!!!
    Donna & Bob Whitmer

  • Lynn Seghetti

    Beautiful article, Leo. Wish all the Seghetti’s could be here to share in your celebration!

  • Paul Leo Romano

    What a WONDERFUL picture and article. You are the greatest Godfather anyone could ever have, Leo. I still think about you and Genny all the time. And Seghetti Farm. And TrueValue Hardware. And “it won’t rain”. How nice to be appreciated by the French government – but you should know, the Romano’s all appreciated you too, as I’m sure does everyone who has ever met you. With the greatest love and affection from New Jersey!

  • Ronald Lenzi

    Congratulations, Leo, for having been recognized by the country of France for your outstanding deeds in World War II. We appreciate having been invited to the presentation ceremony, however weather conditions at the time did not permit our attendance. Our family is very, very proud of you and your accomplishments and I’m very proud to say that you are my cousin.
    With best wishes,
    Ronald Lenzi and Family