A new turn for town hall

Dan Domsic

Dan is the managing editor of Current in Fishers. You can reach him at dan@youarecurrent.com.

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  • ann

    Wayne Crane’s commet on larryinfishers said the “unincorporated are the loosers”. Afraid NOT, I live in the unincorporated area and I believe in voting for a mayor. Yes, right now I don’t have that right but I am sure my area will be annexed at some point in time and when it does I want to make sure my rights are protected to directly elect my mayor. I do not have any problems merging townships and higher government however I do have a problem when people like Wayne Crane and Scott Fautless tries to trick the residients and strip them of their legal rights our forefathers put in place. I overheard a lady in the voting line talking about how the unincorporated township people don’t pay for fire and police protection. I had to pull up my Hamilton County website on my phone and show her what the Township pays for. Yes we pay for fire and there is a contract between Fall Creek Township and Fishers that Fall Creek pays Fishers to cover our area. The contract used to be with Fortville but changed as the area grew. As far as police protection, the sheriff ‘s department is paid out of unincorporated tax dollars to patrol or come when called upon.