A quiet moment

Danielle Wilson

Danielle Wilson writes a community column for Current Publishing. She currently lives in Carmel. You can contact her at danielle@currentincarmel.com

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  • Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

    I bet your husband is glad that you can live without him. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that is so self-centered in my entire life. My God, you had to drink POWDERED CREAMER?! And deal with your upper class problems without mood-altering opiates?! Oh the humanity! And the fact that your little moment of reflection came AFTER you caught up on your celebrity gossip shows how truly shallow you really are.

    I’m guessing you didn’t let anyone read your article before you published it; surely your friends and family would have put a stop to it. Lost your job? Getting divorced? Please, those are petty issues. No one knows the sufferings of a Carmel wife.

    • Jelly

      Oh to have those problems