Fishers Freedom Fest holds Main Parade June 25

  • CIF-COM-0701-Parade1
    Adria and Colin Reed wait for the parade on Ellipse Parkway. (Photo by Anna Skinner)
  • CIF-COM-0701-Parade2
    Sara Vaught and pup Vader wait for the parade. (Photo by Anna Skinner)
  • CIF-COM-0701-Parade3
    From left, Christina Gibson, Redford Gibson, Elliot Simpson, Meredith Simpson, James Simpson, Norah Simpson, Ryan Gibson and Lilah Gibson find a shady spot to watch the parade. (Photo by Anna Skinner)
  • CIF-COM-0701-Parade4
  • CIF-COM-0701-Parade5
    Fishers Police Chief Mitch Thompson and Fishers Fire Chief Mike Orusa wave to the crowd. (Photo by Anna Skinner)
  • CIF-COM-0701-Parade6
    Mayor Scott Fadness waves to the crowd. (Photo by Anna Skinner)
  • CIF-COM-0701-Parade7
    Chad Anteau drives a car that is part of the Bartholomew County Shrine Club. (Photo by Anna Skinner)

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