Fishers as a gluten-free destination 

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  • Laura Smith

    I was ‘practising weight loss’ with whatever diet was
    popular for about 18 years before I finally did it with any long-term success. I
    spent years on one kind of diet or another, denying myself certain food until I
    finally caved – and ended up weighing the same or more a few weeks later. It
    wasn’t until I got a system
    recommended that I finally began to understand ‘dieting’ didn’t work – making a
    lifestyle change did. I learned to employ a healthy, balanced diet and employed
    an exercise routine at home 4 days a week and the weight literally dropped off
    me. It wasn’t the 40lbs that made me happiest though, it was how much
    healthier, fitter and how much more energy I had that pleased me most. Now, I
    look better than I ever have in my entire life – at 38 years old!