A gift from the heart

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  • Andi

    This is a really sweet story, but I’d like to refute this quote: “A hallmark of Asperger’s is that it is a social disease and it inhibits them from being able to consider other people’s feelings. That’s the number one marker of the condition,”

    Angie Miles appears to misunderstand something. Asperger’s doesn’t prevent people from CONSIDERING other people’s feelings, it makes it more difficult for them to UNDERSTAND other people. Most Aspies are very considerate and empathetic, and really want to understand others, and consider others’ feelings, but don’t necessarily have the social skills to understand how to do this appropriately. Speaking for myself, as someone with Asperger’s, I usually try very hard to consider others’ feelings. The trouble is that sometimes I get it wrong — THAT’S the part of this that’s a disorder, not the empathy.