Hamilton County Election Board defines merger voting blocs

Dan Domsic

Dan is the managing editor of Current in Fishers. You can reach him at dan@youarecurrent.com.

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  • CityYes, the non-partisan group of Fishers citizens which supports Fishers being a real City with a Mayor elected by the People, opposes many things about the reorganization plan, including the unfair method of annexing unincorporated Fall Creek residents, and the attempt to keep Fishers residents from voting for their own Mayor. Vote NO on Question #1 (reorganization) and YES on Question #2 (City-town), that is the ONLY way to preserve your right to vote for your Mayor. http://www.CityYes.org

  • Yankmchain

    Because I, for one, am really tired of the town running rough shod over the law. Like insulting ALL Fishers citizens by Kehl giving a DRUNK PRINCIPAL A RIDE HOME. And continued cronyism since then with our public school officials.