Hamilton Southeastern schools see gains and losses in ISTEP+ scores

Dan Domsic

Dan is the managing editor of Current in Fishers. You can reach him at dan@youarecurrent.com.

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  • casey911

    We have lived in Fishers for 19 years, why does every new transient that move’ here for the schools. While yes they are good, they are not great. After about 6th grade kids start to get lost in system, by the time they reach High School, the system just wants to get them out. Are these transients blind to all the drugs in the High Schools that are reaching epedemic proportions. So glad my son is a senior, because we plan on moving out of fishers, I kinda feel sorry for the transients, how mislead they are. While I do agree the system is good grades 1 thru 5, after that, best of luck. Don’t get me wrong, I have and had strong children. Do you honestly believe its the schools, i say its good involvement with parenting and high incomes, which lacks in inter city schools. So sad.