Letter: Trump “a human being who is being demonized”

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  • Ross Olsby

    Beth please pick up your mike and engage in a discussion rather than become like the other side you demonize while complaining about demonization. If the purpose of your letter was just to vent your frustration and curse the darkness then by all means exercise your 1st amendment rights….but it doesn’t accomplish anything other than to deepen the divide. If your intention was to show like minded people that you are one of them, by all means continue even though that too only deepens the division. However if your goal is to convince people to reconsider their anti-Trump views and hopefully lessen the division and contribute to our society you may want to take a different path. It is sincerely possible to change minds but it takes a lot more work than cursing the darkness. “It is very important to talk with people that you disagree with” – Pete Seeger.