Scott runs for mayor

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  • nicmart

    Are teachers underpaid? Relative to what? What is the median pay per hour of work for an HSE teacher? How does that compare to the median pay per hour for non-teachers in Fishers?

  • Alan Hunt

    Finally a candidate that is not or has not worked for the Town of Fishers. Walt Kelly has to many ties to the current group such as Eric Pethel who was a roommate of a family member. Changes need to be made in the Public Works department will Kelly allow Pethel’s incompetence to continue because he is a family friend? Where has Renee Cox gone? Scott Fadness has shown how has chosen to act like his mentor Scott Fautless. Fadness is a bully, vulgar, lacks transperancy, selfish, and uses intimidation tactics to get his way. There are to may red flags surrounding Fadness and I do not believe he can see the forest through the trees.
    I would love to see a paper or web site that will do some independent reporting. Current lost all credibility when Dan Domsic a former reporter for current took a job working for Fadness. Larry in Fishers has become to cozy with Pethel and Fadness to be an objective journalist. While I have been critical of Andrea Davis she did have a good article on Carmel Finances. It is clear when Fautless stated business needed to be done behind closed doors and there was no objection from the media there is a problem with objective reporting. Not to mention the free pass Fadness seems to get especially when it comes to spending.