Train has left the station

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  • Patrick O’Connor

    I dislike how short of notice has been given lately (recent resident) on all of these development projects. I’d like to attend to hear about them but by the time the agendas come out (and are seen) 2-3 days is really very short notice.

  • Alan Hunt

    Larry you neglected to mention the money Town Manager Scott Fadness recieved from the developer and their lawyer. I believe this shows how unethical Fadness is by taking this money. The amount does not matter if Fadness had any shred of leadership he would have turned any amount of money down and let this project stand on its own merits. I believe there is a right way and wrong way to bring development. The Ossip deal is great for Fishers! The train station deal with Fadness playing politics and taking soft money from developers is not. Also Pete Peterson attacking citizens who disagree with this project is wrong. I know Larry if you tell both sides of the story it might show Scotty in a poor light and ruin your chances for the Don Domsic deal if Scotty is elected.

  • giff

    Too me, it is all about the money. If this project could stand on it’s own, no public financing would be needed. Why doesn’t Fisher now own 33% of this project since we risk so much? We should get 33% of the profits from this apartment plus tax dollars. IMO, they should have said, hey, we will give you X number of year tax break. Why was tax breaks not good enough? This just doesn’t seem right to me.

  • giff

    Larry, I like your site.. For so long, I just trusted our council. I bookmarked you. For so long, I just trusted our town leader did the right thing. Now, It seem fishy. Thank you for your site.